Diamond Shine

by Psychodrome

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released November 18, 2015

Songs recorded at Micromaltese studios by Psychodrome with Marco Morgione.
Mixing and mastering by Kenny Honors.
Original songs by Psychodrome, 2015.

Micromaltese Studios:

Thanks to Flor Varas Guaraz, she made this amazing paint and let us to use in our cover art, all the merit for her :D
Follow her amazing art in:
Tumblr: florvarasguaraz.tumblr.com
FB: www.facebook.com/florencia.varasguaraz

Cover art font by the branded quotes:




Psychodrome Igualada, Spain

Psychodrome is an alternative-rock band born in Igualada (Barcelona) in 2011. The members are Nick C. (Voice / Guitar), Kenny Honors (Guitar), Jesús Gual (Bass) and Daniel Smith (Drums).

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Track Name: Diamond Shine
Never I felt so ashamed,
I would like you recognize my name.

(Verse 1)
Words have been so wrong everytime from your mouth,
grey clouds make me strong to dive up to the sun.
The present never ends the life you have to change,
the vanity is unfair with your mirrors unchained.

'Cause red is the blood where shines a light
in the middle of your eyes.
There is nothing to lose, something to find.

(Verse 2)
The age is not a factor and fear is a bad actor.
There's nothing left to blame, to win you have to bet.
Always a diamond can bright for itself,
'cause truth is only one and milions are the lies.

Red is the blood where shines a light
in the middle of your eyes.
There is nothing to lose, something to find.

In the middle of your eyes. (x3)
Track Name: Crystal Queen
(Verse A)
Is time to be using your hips,
to paint all your tears
in green amethyst.
The ashes never will revive.
And kills on the poisoned field
the swing of your feet,
like a washing-machine.
I have never been so sick.

And now I feel tempted by temptation,
'cause now I can't hear you laughing, moaning, crying.
And now you feel tempted by temptation,
but now I can't feel you.

Yeah (x4)

(Verse 2)
Moon breaks, the mind-blowing comes,
excess is a road
when your feelings are gone.
I'm a son of no reason.
My mind don't wanna go sleep
after the kiss of the crystal Queen.
And now my pupils are totally fucked.


(Post Chorus)
And now I can feel you (x4)